The Pitmen Painters


with Calum Gittins, John Glass, Elizabeth Hawthorne, Edward Newborn, Stephen Papps, Joseph Rye, Geoff Snell, Josephine Stewart-Tewhiu
directed by Paul Gittins
design by John Verryt
lighting by Nik Januirek

"The success of this production of Hall's fine play lies in the quality of the performances and the excellence of the supporting cast of director, set, lighting and costume designers. These are some of our most experienced and skilled theatre people working at their best on a complex and difficult play and its unqualified success is down to the quality of the ensemble teamwork and individual commitment." - National Business Review

"It's a superb cast and director Paul Gittins moves them around the stage in a series of tableaux which are like animated still life paintings. Each of the actors creates believable characters with a strong sense of emotional solidity." - Theatreview

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