— Monday the 18th of February 2019, 9:24pm

Ford Transit Productions

Public Eye

The Public Eye

The Jack Studio London
by Peter Shaffer

with Joseph Rye, Michael Lawrence, Lucie Howard
Directed by Will Birch & the Company
Design by Lucy Rushbrook
Lighting by Simon Perkins



Maidment Studio
by August Strindberg
Translation by Michael Meyer

with Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Michael Lawrence, Keith Adam
Directed by Michael Hurst & Paul Gittins
Design by John Parker
Lighting by Nik Janiurek
Costumes by Elizabeth Whiting

the Hothouse

The HotHouse

Maidment Studio
by Harold Pinter

with Phil Brooks, Edward Peni, Michael Lawrence, Frank Brown, Robert McCully, Rachelle Duncan and Kevin Wilson
Directed by Michael Lawrence & Paul Gittins
Design by Jennifer Walling
Lighting by Michael Craven

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